Opening Day!

It is tradition that the Town Mayor bowls the first wood when the Bowling club opens for the season!  Saturday 13th April was set for the grand opening.  Well it was a first for me!  Never bowled before (without bumpers and skittles to knock down anyway)!

The day was actually dry and quite bright after some horrid rainy days before but quite chilly too.  I believe these events have been rained off in the past so I’m not complaining.

I was invited first to have a sit down lunch with all of the Members – meeting the club sponsors on our table.  I talked to various members about the club and facilities and generally how much fun they have!

After lunch it was on to serious business.  A special mat was put down for me to stand on (you have to look after that very flat, even, green grass)!  I had a quick lesson on how the ‘balls’ are weighted and how to hold and throw them.  And I think I did okay with the first throw since someone shouted ‘sign her up’ when it stopped rolling eventually!  I think I must have to about 2 ft of the little white ball – not bad for a first attempt I think.

My first even bowl

There was then a game of ‘spider’ which is when a faux spider is situated in the middle of the green and all members stand around the edge and aim for it!  The closest wins a prize (in this case, a bottle of whisky).

The spider

It really was great fun and obviously a great place to socialise – if you fancy finding out more, see here for details.  Thanks so much to everyone at the club for looking after me.

In the clubhouse