Each year the Mayor will choose one or more charities to support during their year.  Money raised will be split between the chosen charities.  I have chosen my charities on the basis of my association with them in the past and how I feel they make a real contribution to the local community.  There are other local groups that are special to me and I’m sure that throughout the year I will be able to have special events where I can raise some money for them too!


Allendale House (East Dorset Heritage Trust)

Allendale House is a fantastic town resource.  It is an historic building that is open to the public for many different purposes.  You’ll find it is used for training, conferences, meetings, yoga and other exercise classes and you can hire it yourself for parties or exhibitions.  They’re a friendly bunch in there, so if you haven’t been in, just pop in to reception and ask if you can have a look around.  Pick up a leaflet about what they do there.  For more information go to their website here.

The Allendale Centre  (Wimborne & District Community Association)

The Allendale Centre is right next door to Allendale House (often confused)!  The centre has a cafe which is extremely popular, along with a soft play room for little ones.  Two large rooms with stage and technical equipment allow shows and conferences and many other town events to take place there.  Radio Wimborne is based there and is part of the charity.  It is a community initiative that allows local groups and charities to promote themselves and businesses to advertise.  Local people have often found a new lease of life as radio presenters from school children to those well retired!  I want to support the WDCA to continue to house Radio Wimborne in the centre which helps the overall vibrancy of the centre itself.  There’s a great atmosphere in the centre, so you’ve not been in, don’t be shy, come on in and take a look around!  To find out more about the centre, see their website here and for Radio Wimborne, see details here.

Julia’s House (Children’s Hospice)

Julia’s House is a name many people know due to the amazing work they do for very sick children and just on our doorstep in Broadstone.  I have supported them for a number of years in different ways and I think it is a very special place that needs to continue to be supported.  You can find out more here.