Well I’m hoping this will be a new tradition but who knows, we’re all different and each Mayor focuses on things that are important to them.  I felt it would be good to throw a party for all those local people that don’t get to do the traditional Christmas ‘dinner dance’ type party that often are associated with work ‘dos’.

Thanking everyone

We booked the British Legion, the room was just about the right size and local firm Party Hire, kindly gave me free hire of some round tables.  I had a duo of young chaps ready to play an acoustic set for me and DJ Dapper Dan – AKA Chris Brown the Town Crier, ready to do a DJ set for me.

The room was set on 30th November and we had sold 50 tickets for the event so I was pretty sure it was going to be a fun evening!  It was strictly a dress up affair and people really got on board with that!  Many long dresses for women and a sprinkling of tuxedos to boot!

There was great representation from all over town from the Councillors, EDDC Vice Chairman, friends and family, Dreamboats, all of my charities, ex Chairman of the BID and Freewoman of the town Margery Ryan.

I had a few raffle prizes and had painted 9 paintings which had been on display for a few weeks around town for a silent auction on the night.

After getting a welcome drink on arrival, people took to their seats (carefully planned seating plan – these things aren’t easy but I didn’t get any complaints)!

The duo played us through the food and then the DJ put on some old classics for us – and yes, even a few of us got up and danced (not on tables)!

We did the raffle and there were some happy faces!  Then went and checked the auction bids for my paintings and the signed footballs from Eddie Howe – AFC Bournemouth Manager. I was astonished that people actually wanted to buy my paintings!  All in all, we raised over a thousand pounds for my charities on the raffle and auction and more on the ticket sales – so all that painting was worth it – I’m so pleased they went down well!

Unfortunately the photographer didn’t turn up on the night so we are extremely limited on photographic evidence that the night actually took place, but here are some ‘fuzzly felt’ ones as ultimate proof!