I think I can spot my duck!

Only in Wimborne Minster could we bring out the crowds in these spectacular numbers to watch yellow plastic ducks race down the river to the winning post (at the rear of the Rising Sun)!  It is quite some operation – from the annual storage, transport and setting up of the Ducks by the volunteers from Wimborne in Bloom – through to the actual fun of the event itself.  Wimborne in Bloom do this each year in order to raise money that ultimately gets fed back into the town.

With the ‘green men’ of Wimborne in Bloom

Ducks can be bought for £1 each (well sponsored must be the correct term)!  Each duck has a number and you will get a ticket in exchange for your £1 that corresponds to a duck – and then it’s just a case of fingers crossed!

They asked me to do the countdown to the start of the race and help push the huge sacks of ducks over the railings into the river.  I’m not sure I can quite claim the volume of our Town Crier but I did my best and the lovely crowd were happy to join in and encourage the ducks on with a clap.

The large crowd ambled down the river path all the way to the Rising Sun and then it was just a question of waiting!

I had the great job of reading the winners’ names out and then presenting them with their winnings – and lots of winnings there were too!

The crowd waiting for the start.

What great fun!  Well done to Wimborne in Bloom for a great fun event and all in a good cause.