Cutting the Cake

The Dorset Architectural Week event used to be managed by local government but as with so many things, it is now up to community, volunteer and charitable organisations to step in to keep some key educational and tourism attractions, facilities and events, going.

This is certainly the case here.  East Dorset Heritage Trust based in Allendale House (one of my charities this year), stepped in quite a few years ago to keep this brilliant initiative alive.  With the help of generous sponsor Alistair Somerville-Ford, they have been able to keep the annual event alive.

If you go to their website, you’ll be able to get details of what the programme includes this year.  The premise is that many sites and historic buildings are opened and are free of charge for the period.  Some events are tickets due to limited numbers so need to be booked in advance.

I attended a ‘kick off’ event to mark the start of this years programme.  If you don’t get a chance this year, do keep a look out next year about the same time.

The cake!