Well this was a busy week for sure and so hot – the hottest week of the year so far, but watch out for later BLOG posts, it could heat up from here!  Friends and family are on holiday in typical European sunny countries and are sending pictures back of cloud and rain.  There’s no better place than right here in England when the weather is like this – well almost, read on!


This Monday I had the privilege of judging the local first and middle school’s entries to the Wimborne in Bloom painting competition with the theme of ‘Transport through the ages’.  I’ve never judged artwork before and it’s so hard!!  Eventually I was able to reduce to a shortlist and then the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places for each age group.

Naturally I must remain tight lipped about results for now, Wimborne in Bloom will be revealing winners a little later on and I’ll be at Allenbourne School in September to award prizes to the little artists themselves.



I chaired my first Council meeting on Tuesday evening.  I was ably assisted by the Town Clerk who ensures that all prescribed wording is set out clearly in front of me to reduce slips up and that we remain ‘legal’ and ‘compliant’!

It is normal to do a Mayor’s Report (as each Councillor is invited to report – on their activities in relation to any organisations they are linked with in order to represent the Town Council).  The report has traditionally been to quote the number of Mayoral engagements done in the time period since the last meeting and special mentions to any particular ones of note.

I have decided in my year to also provide the total hours worked in the role as Chairman and Town Mayor and then split that into each part (although some included in Chairman’s hours may also be general Councillor work).  This is to give Councillors and general public a good idea of the time commitment of being the Chairman of the Council and could inform future changes at the Council – whether that be in relation to Councillors or paid staff.

The detailed report is included in the minutes of that meeting but as a summary, total hours in the 6wks was 70.25hrs.  And a special mention to the Folk Festival event which was my first ‘big one’ in town and was totally awesome!

On the same evening the Council had an informal meeting to meet with East Dorset District Council officers to get a general update on the new housing developments – updates will be given at Planning Committees as usual each month.


I was invited with a number of other people to preview some new exhibitions at the PHM on Wednesday evening.  David Morgan the Chairman was very entertaining (as usual) and talked a little about the new displays and how they were put together.  I didn’t know anyone would expect me to say anything until the day before so hadn’t prepared anything but I think I did okay just to thank them for inviting me and how myself and the children loved to go to the PHM (the girls especially like the school room)!

The sunny garden at 7:30pm!