I was eased in gently with a low key event courtesy of the Wimborne Literary Festival where I was able to sit with the crowd and enjoy the talk from Adam Hart-Davis.  He took us through his new book which looks at the works of W Heath Robinson (who knew about the ‘W’)!  ‘Heath Robinson’ is an expression I’ve used for years but never truly knew the details of the man and what he was about.  Did you know that he wasn’t actually an inventor, only that he was an artist that created inventions on paper – most of which could never possibly work in reality!

It was a funny talk,  Adam said he’d never been to Wimborne before and said it was lovely (obviously)!

At the end, the caption competition that had been running prior to the event, came to an end.  Myself, Malcolm and Adam had been given the shortlist of entries prior to the talk and voted on the winning caption that complimented a W Heath Robinson crazy illustration.  I read out the winners name and caption whilst Adam described in detail the various elements of the illustration to the crowd.

So all in all, quite a gentle introduction to Mayoral life!


Adam Hart-Davis in full flow

Mr and Adam Hart-Davis

Malcolm Angel, the host with the most