Well Tuesday 15th May 2018 was a first for me and a very special evening that’s for sure!  I have to say I was somewhat nervous ahead of the meeting – having to do a speech in front of all those people!  But I was given very good advice to ‘practice, practice, practice’ and I think it paid off!  I had my notes in front of me on my ipad (which I’m told was a first for the Town Council Mayor Making)!

So many people came to me after the meetings and had positive messages and congratulations.  They particularly liked my plans for the year – which are to focus on raising awareness of the towns history and to improve internal communication at the Council itself.

I also made it clear that this is going to be an incredibly busy year as we move towards local government reorganisation which is less than a year away!

And with no time to stop for breath, I was straight into two meetings this morning!  The first being to discuss the arrangements for Cllr Toni Coombs’ Civic Day which is going to take place on the same Saturday as the Folk Festival.  The second was to discuss LGR and the next steps for Town Council.  We’ve really got to get our skates on to keep up with the timetable that’s for sure.

I will be meeting over the next few days with the the Town Clerk and Assistant Town Clerk to discuss our strategy and timescales – everything has to fit in with our Council meeting schedules!

Being robed

Group photo at the end of the meeting

The Town Crier receiving his commission for the year

During my speech