French Visitors Celebrate in Wimborne Minster

This year is the 50th anniversary of Wimborne Minster twinning with Valognes.  The membership of both the English and French organisations came out in force today to mark the occasion.  The Mayor introduced me to a number of representatives from the both sides.  Don’t ask me to remember names!  I’m going to have to use one of those memory aides in future!

A super cake was commissioned and there was a lovely breakfast spread put on in the Quaterjack Suite of the Allendale Centre.  After some speeches (bi lingual for the most part), and gifts were exchanged, the group went outside to hear the wonderful Dorset Youth Marching band play.  After a routine, they then played us all into the Square (traffic was only interrupted for a short time whilst we all crossed the road – there were quite a few of us)!!

The band then played on the Square for a bit which I think surprised (in a nice way), people in town who stopped to watch and listen.

The visitors no doubt will enjoy the rest of the day in town before returning home tomorrow.

The Cake!