With the East Dorset District Commissioner David McGregor

Last night I went to the Dorset County Scouts Council Annual Review and AGM.  Never been to anything involving the Scouts before so I didn’t really know what to expect.   I was looked after very well by David McGregor and I took my girls along with me (thought it may be inspiring for them)!  David made sure they were fully loaded with chocolate biscuits and cake throughout – so I think they did get some inspiration!

The evening was a formal AGM but there was certainly a sense of humour shining through from everyone on the top table.  It was easy to see that they have a great sense of team work and community spirit.

John Godber and the rest of the board delivering their statements

The formal part of the evening was dealt with very quickly and efficiently so they could get on to nicer things!  Awards were given to some high achieving Scouts and a video was shown demonstrating the journey of a new Scout through to having their own children and having them also join – very moving!

Their strapline is #skillsforlife.  David was telling me how one of the British divers involved in the Thai teenagers cave rescue, first learned to dive as a Scout and went on to do it as a profession!  Do take a look at their website to find out more.

Each year, they look to raise money for something in particular and this year the East Dorset Scouts aimed to raise enough for 3 ShelterBoxes.  These are sent to disaster zones to help families who have lost their homes or need their homes repairing.  They have actually raised enough halfway through the year for 7 of them and now hope to carry on to get 10!  What an achievement.  So next time a Scout offers to wash your car – remember, it’s all in a good cause!

A Shelter box

Fund Raising for a Jamboree

I had a chat with these 3 girls, I thought my 2 may like to hear what it’s like being a girl scout.  The three of them were brimming with confidence!  They’re fund raising to all go to the US next year where Scouts will travel from all over the world to be there.  The money they raise will help pay for their trip but also will part or fully fund another Scout from a poorer country who would otherwise be unable to take part.  What a great idea!

The overriding message through the evening was helping youngsters build confidence and skills for life.  Many groups have waiting lists and this is because they need more volunteers to help out.  They are appealing for people who can just as little as 2 hrs a month – but will take more naturally!  The more volunteers, the more young people can get involved – simples!

I really enjoyed meeting the Scouts and their leaders – I think Scouts are a hidden gem!