Official Re-opening of Wimborne Tennis Club

Cutting the ribbon

The first engagement this weekend was at Wimborne Tennis Club where they had a fabulous fun day for all the family to mark the official re opening of the courts after a total relaying of the surfaces.  The weather was very kind and there were so many people there from the community.  Various activities were taking place – a court for the younger kids to play ‘champions’, older teenagers and some fun for adults too!  I did have a bash for the camera, but with those heels on, there was little moving about!

Phil Loose was so pleased that his membership supported him on the day, he put on a BBQ and refreshments, perfect for a summer day!  Let’s hope the great weather continues and much tennis can be had outdoors in the fresh air!  Here’s me messing about for the camera,  I wasn’t going to get too energetic with my robes, chains and heels on!

Ochsenfurt Visitors

Well there was just time for a quick (soft) drink in the Olive Branch before heading over to the Model Town to greet the visitors from Germany from our twinned town, Ochsenfurt.  My husband took over parenting whilst my stand in Escort and radio partner, Malcolm Angel stepped in to accompany me at this engagement.  Malcolm was a Wimborne Minster town Councillor back in the 80’s and was instrumental in creating the twinning association, so it was nice for him to meet the people involved today and was able to talk about the town and surrounding area (at length)!  He was my very own Princess Diana!

The visitors travelled by coach and plane to get here, there were approximately 28 in total,  they have been looked after and entertained by the good people of Wimborne Minster’s own twinning association representatives, culminating at this evening at the Model Town.

Me attempting German

I had prepared a short speech in German to welcome the visitors and say how much I loved their country as I lived there for part of my childhood.  Pronunciations were ‘off’ for some words but I think I did okay overall and they laughed in all the right places!!  I’m here with Pauline the Chairman of the association here in Wimborne Minster.

Receiving my gift

I was handed two bottles of their ‘stadt’ wine (that’s town wine to you and I), from Britta Huber – the Councillor representative from Germany.  They choose a different wine each year to be their ‘stadt’ wine.  I also had a fabulous Snow Globe with their iconic Town Hall in the centre.

A speech from the Chairman of Ochsenfurt’s association

Here Burkard Baehr gives a much more impressive speech in English than I did in German – he was clearly fluent – unlike me that had the help of Youtube for the translation!  He talked of overcoming Brexit to maintain our great relationship.

There were a few young children in the visiting group, so I suggested that we set up a couple of Pen Friends with my children.  They were really excited about that, so we’ve exchanged email addresses and my girls can’t wait to get started.  I think we shall keep the twinning association going strong through another generation!

Group photo with the Sugar Fairy

My Snow Globe – love it!

Their Sugar Fairy is a town representative – great fun!