The Cemetery Clerk showed a few of us around the Cemetery today.  I’d never been there before (that could be considered a good thing I know)!  But if you’re lucky enough not to have needed to go there either, you should just take a look around one sunny morning too.  It’s so calm, quite and peaceful.  The grounds are well looked after, as are the many many manicured trees!  I think it is Wimborne’s Sydney Harbour bridge in terms of maintenance!

From the highest part of the Cemetery you get a great view of the surrounding area, across to Colehill on one side and a full on view of Merley house straight ahead.

There are also two Chapels on site, as you can see in the photo.  One was ‘Conformist’ and the other ‘Non Conformist’ i.e. Church of England was to ‘conform’ and everyone else could be buried there but would have to use the other Chapel for their services.  Only the Conformist one is in use now.

We were there to consider the Cemetery as a site suitable for part of the commemoration events for the 100th year project we’re working on.  And it’s perfect for what we had in mind.

We’ve issued a press release today which should be out next week.  This is to encourage any groups or organisations that also have ideas for commemoration events, to come forward and work with us.  Then we can start planning in earnest.

The manicured trees

The two Chapels